a glimpse towards Sunday 9.18.15

My son, Michael, and I ventured into the wooly world of college people by traveling down to Georgia Tech on Tuesday night. We were going to hear a CCC college resident speak. I talked to a 5th year math degree student at length. Why did I do that?

At a lunch this week, I engaged a waitress who struggled to put her health and wellness degree to work. She talked me into a healthy salad instead of a turkey rueben. I wonder what THAT was about.

On Thursday I said hello to a man coming into the CCC building for a Go Build Cobb work training program. We had a brief-but-intense conversation about his current life circumstance. I could have walked right by the guy, but I didn’t. What was that little exchange really about?

The latter chapters of the book of Job question details like snow, rain, ice, stars, donkeys, clouds, sunrises & sunsets (Job 38-41). God is questioning Job about minute details of life. Job stutters and goes silent with any attempt at answers. He knows a big God is in the smallest of details. The smallest of details point to the wonder and awe of God. I really like Job 38:29: “From whose womb comes ice?” Now that is a detail! I also like what quantum physicist, Richard Feynman, once said, “Nearly everything is really interesting if you go into it deeply enough.” Details are really cool. Details are important. God is in the details.

nothing great quote emerson

A very kind woman told me how, at 3 a.m., God roused her to pray for my family one night this week. Wow. It was on a day I needed prayerful encouragement. I’m glad this friend saw God in the details of insomnia.

On Sunday, we’ll look at a very detailed text. In Genesis 6:13-22, Moses writes about the detailed measurements of Noah’s acclaimed and globally famous ark. Why do we have so many details concerning this floating box of redemption?

I’m excited to teach on Sunday. There’s some cool, applicable details for us to consider. Ever want to know more about God’s plan, presence, and power? It’s in the details. Come Sunday to find out how this all works. Bring a friend. After all, they’re in the details too. It’s Fall break for many schools, but we will not be breaking from a God who continues to teach and guide us in powerful, detailed ways at Cumberland.

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