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When our boys were little, they were terrified by storms. They would cry out to us, or come scampering down the hall and into our room. All the reassuring and soothing in the world would not console them. They were unable to settle back into sleep until the chaos outside calmed down. We all lost sleep on stormy nights. Bleary-eyed the next morning, we’d stagger into the kitchen, desperately fumbling to find the coffee pot. The storms wreaked havoc on our peace and well-being. We’d need to be fully caffeinated to survive.

Over the years, we’ve tried to shift our children’s attitudes toward storms. Sometimes we even wake them, get them out of bed and invite them to join us in our bedroom where we have a big window that overlooks the back yard – a front row seat to the natural spectacle outside. When all four of us are snuggled together within the warmth and safety of our home, the lightening and thunder seem far less ominous. The howling winds are far less intimidating. We’ve even been bewildered when our kids, after patiently enduring our zeal for storm-watching, have politely asked to go back to bed. Storms are far less scary (or, apparently, exciting) when you are fully convinced that you are safe and protected.

Just like we invite our kids to come into our room during a storm, God kindly beckons Noah into the ark when it is time for the flood. He, his family, and the animals entered one door, and thus the safety of the ark, to be rescued from the impending deluge. The ark was his refuge. It was the only escape route from death and destruction. It was Noah’s only hope.

For those who have heard the good news of the Gospel, this all sounds really familiar, doesn’t it? God invites us to be with Him forever, through Jesus. Only through Jesus are we rescued and saved from sin and death. Jesus is the door. The escape plan from destruction. The ark makes a pretty good metaphor for the Messiah. Noah’s salvation and security was in the ark. Ours is in Jesus.

How does God’s invitation affect us? Do you weather storms with confidence because of His loving protection? We’ll examine more of Noah’s story in Genesis 7 this Sunday. The music will have a totally different sound this week. The band is ready with fresh arrangements of some old favorites. We hope you’ll join us for this very special Sunday.

Megan Sullivan

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