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This summer two computer hackers took control of a Jeep Cherokee using a laptop 10 miles away. They killed its transmission, as well as messed with its windshield wipers, radio, and air conditioning. As our cars are getting smarter, apparently they are also becoming even more vulnerable to hostile takeovers.

We westerners are a sophisticated lot. Think we’re susceptible to hostile takeovers the more efficient and self-sufficient we become?

Could an app over take me? Do people get taken over by a TV show anymore? What about a new or favorite band? Can a Madison Avenue marketer, like a Grand Master Chess player, actually coerce me to let a hairspray, toothpaste, a mattress, or car take me over? We’re smarter than that, right?


Or maybe, just like smart cars, the smarter we become the more vulnerable we are for something or someone else to take control.

A religion of doing and earning has a way of taking over smart people. An anything-goes mindset can take over someone tired of those same religious rules. We’re susceptible, and we can’t save ourselves. We’re stuck in a choke-hold of slavery. What are we to do?

May I suggest a Gospel takeover? Could a singular focus on the cross of Jesus be the only takeover bringing life and freedom? What would a Gospel takeover look like on you and me? How would a corporate Gospel takeover play out in our church?

On Sunday, we’re closing out our great, Ragamuffin trek through the book of Galatians. We’re taking a careful and powerful look at the last eight verses of chapter six. Wow. This is some conclusion. This is some takeover. However, this sort of takeover brings peace, mercy, freedom, and life. Aren’t those the things everyone is looking for, but seldom find because they’ve been overtaken by all the wrong stuff?

I’m anxious to be teaching this Sunday. This is going to be a great conclusion to our Ragamuffin series. You’re gonna love what we do with a bunch of red Solo cups. Bring a friend to witness this one! Your time of communion and subsequent parties may never be the same!

I’m anxious to gather with you and your friends at 9 & 11 a.m. this coming Sunday!



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