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Late last night, Michael stopped on the ascending steps, looked down into the living room and blurted, “Hey dad, can you take me into school early tomorrow?” Without hesitation I replied, “Sure!” And with a confident “thanks,” Michael meandered up to bed.

It’s an interesting little exchange. Not wanting to make too much ado about nothing, why was this such a quick and positive interaction? I could have grunted and mumbled something under my breath about sleeping in on a Friday. It IS my day off. I could have interrogated Michael for his middle school, hormonal, impulsive ways related to late-night planning. I could have said a quick and dismissive no. Why would I give the very practical sleep aid of “sure” to my one and only son?

It’s love. We’re in community. Giving and loving is never a problem where community and love rule.

It’s the same reason parents go crazy and often in debt when it comes to giving Christmas gifts to their families. Love. Community. In fact, radical generosity is quite common behavior when community is deep and wide.

This Sunday, we start a new 4-week series called “iGive.” The focus will be centered on the stewardship of life. If you are worried this is another giving series designed to increase CCC’s financial portfolio and decrease yours …. RELAX. This will not be that.

However, we will talk about the Biblically prevalent idea of giving time, talent, and including treasure. It’s what a Gospel-saturated community does naturally and radically.

This Sunday our main text comes out of II Corinthians 9:10-13. Wait til you see what we do with our cheesy giving thermometer and what our REAL focus will be in this series. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised, and God will deepen our commitment to a Gospel takeover.

Can you bring a skeptical friend to our “iGive” series? Absolutely. In fact, knowing how most people steer clear of church because of how the Church has often skewed the money thing… such skeptics should be proactively invited to our “iGive” series!

This Sunday we’ll have a rockin’ choir leading the way with our smokin’ band. I’m excited to teach and give you my best efforts. Do you know why I’m pumped to do this? I love you, and we’re in community — all because of Jesus. It’s amazing what love and community enables us all to do.

See you at 9 and 11 a.m. at our gatherings!




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