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There I was, over 34 years ago. Somewhere off of Roosevelt Avenue in downtown Chicago, a nervous, skinny 18 year old was enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. I stood amongst 30-some-odd, probably equally nervous, 18 year olds. Alright maybe some guys weren’t nervous, but I can almost guarantee that all of us were feeling pretty doggone awkward. Because all of us were in one room, in a line, without clothing. In the raw. Disrobed. Naked. Awkward.

Uncle Sam would do these mass quasi-physicals, I’m sure to expedite the process of getting once-confident high school graduates into his service, but also to begin breaking us down so they could mold us into the airmen they needed. Whatever. It was awkward. God bless America, but thank goodness it only lasted 15 minutes.

Being naked is a funny thing. Babies, like my 11-month old grandson Gabriel, do naked really well. For obvious reasons things change as we age. But we almost always lose the “knack for naked” altogether. And I don’t mean physically.

From a fairly early age, nakedness is kind of run out of town like a stray dog. We clothe ourselves on lots of different levels. Valid reasons can seemingly necessitate that clothing, but many times it’s sad and unnecessary. There are some parts of me hidden under 5 or 6 layers, I’m sure.

Sunday we’re going to look at one verse in Genesis 2 and explore The Truth About Being Naked. OK, there will be other verses too, but we’ll start with Adam and Eve, naked in the garden. I hope you can make it. 2 things you can count on:
1) It won’t even compare on the awkwardness scale to my USAF recruitment experience.
2) It will all be PG.

If my prep time has been any indication, Sunday should make us all think. And how does Jesus fit in? Perfectly. Come and see.



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