a glimpse towards Sunday 7.25.14

in•un•da•tion: ˌinənˈdāSHən/ noun: inundation; plural noun: inundations
1. an overwhelming abundance of people or things. 2. VBX. FIA.

We were taken over by hundreds of kids last week at our VBX. It was wonderful. It was messy. Glorious diversity inundated our campus through kids and volunteers with a hunger to be loved. AND… they were! Now THAT is church.

This Sunday, awesome inundation unfolds again. Did you know we’re expecting, hoping, and praying for 1000+ folks to come to CCC this Sunday for our back-to-school Faith In Action Sunday? All Families from the Argyle Elementary School have been invited for a free lunch, great worship (translated into English), games, fun, haircuts, manicures, and back packs with school supplies. Many families depend on our help each year.

Will you come JUST to love on one person? Please sign-up for a task, but your main job will be to mingle, talk and make a new friend! This is a great opportunity to meet those who live in the community and show them the love of Jesus. You can sit and have lunch with someone not like you or whom you don’t know. What a great, gospel thing to do. You can volunteer for many of our teams. From set up to clean up to games, inflatables, and food to assisting with the many services we are providing — YOU can be an incredible, living, sacrificial tool in the hands of a gracious God this Sunday. Now THAT would be church!


I’m excited for Sunday. If you haven’t registered, you can do so on Sunday morning at 9:30. ALSO… make sure you bring back your bag of school supplies. Come ready to be inundated with a glorious, messy diversity and a huge opportunity to love. Our FIA (Faith In Action) Sunday is a clarion call to live out our Imago Dei (image of God), and help others find theirs.

Thanks Cumberland. Thanks for allowing God to shape and use you. Thanks, in advance, for pushing through the mess and probable frustrations attached to this Sunday. Thanks for never quitting. Thanks also for giving online when we advance the gospel through an FIA Sunday. You can do so by CLICKING HERE.

See you Sunday morning.


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