a glimpse towards Sunday 8.8.14


On Sunday you’ll encounter a stack of bricks when you come into CCC. We’re asking everyone to pick one up before you walk in. I trust you will. We’ll also be studying our way through Genesis 3:1. One verse, that’s it. It’s a snakey verse.

What in the world do you think bricks have to do with a snake? You may know the snake is Satan. What, pray tell, are the bricks? Hmmm…

You should bring a friend, and eat your protein before you come to our Sunday gathering. (now THERE’S a huge hint!)

Satan as a snake to explain away evil and sin and death is a far too simplistic story for many. For some, Genesis 3:1 represents the stuff of a mere kids story. It’s an easily dismissed myth. But here’s the rub: If you discount the snake in Genesis 3, how DO you explain evil that NOBODY seems to deny?

You do it with bricks. Aren’t you curious? Are you ready for it to be Sunday yet? I hope you’ll sit up front and soak this one in. Snakes and bricks make for really good messages; trust me.

The Bible doesn’t dismiss the problem of evil and sin easily. The problem is complicated, and the Bible speaks to this in detail. The devious ploys of said snake worked well in Genesis 3 and still do today. This fact is, in itself, evidence to the very reality of Satan.

Of course I’m cloaking all of this in a bit of intrigue and mystery as I write. These Friday emails are designed to prod you and your friends to check out one of our Sunday gatherings at 9 and 11 a.m. So… you think you will? God’s gonna do some cool things with and through His Word and You.

I’m praying for our gathering. I’m excited to be back teaching and moving onto a normal pace and schedule of life. School’s back in session and we’ll continue to move the gospel forward this Sunday with great enthusiasm. In fact, a huge men’s choir will be rockin’ our music. There actually WILL be a boa constrictor somewhere in the building. Yikes. And the stuff of snakes and bricks will not be relegated to things of myth or fairy tales. You’re carrying around too much real stuff for such nonsense.

See you on Sunday, my friends.


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