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I’m so encouraged to come back from my summer study break to a moving, vibrant, healthy church. AND… to my office which received a major makeover from a small army of great encouragers. I’m excited to be back at it!

This morning, sitting quietly in my new office with coffee in hand, I was reminded of Jon Gordon’s words. “Everyone wants the quick-fix solution. They want convenient, immediate success. They don’t want to get messy. But there’s nothing convenient about loving everyone we are meant to love. There’s nothing easy about serving others when your own life is challenging and you want someone to serve you. Sometimes it’s hard to care when you don’t feel like caring.”

This Sunday is our 25th F.I.A. or Faith In Action Sunday.

They’re messy, aren’t they? Our F.I.A. Sundays are a mess of chaos, volunteers, new folks, Hispanic language struggles, heat, sweat, frustration, and a plethora of humanity converging. What a mess!

what a mess

But… God has used our F.I.A. Sundays to turn this church around, and impact our city. God has used our F.I.A. Sundays to change me. The very mess of an F.I.A should remind us of our own mess Jesus entered into to turn us around, and impact our lives for all eternity.

As 1,000+ people and families from Argyle Elementary School invade our campus this Sunday, what a great reminder of the Gospel we will have. The very mess and chaos of our F.I.A. should motivate and energize you as you recall your own messiness, and reflect on how God has smiled upon Cumberland.

Embrace it, my friend! Anyone can sit, be comfortable, and go to church. It takes a Gospel-motivated Jesus follower to BE the church. Our glorious Kingdom mess will include: backpacks filled with school supplies for the Argyle students, a worship service in Spanish led by Walter De Silva, food, haircuts, manicures, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream, snow cones, cheerleader hair, a dunk tank, soccer, basketball, giant inflatables, as well as prayer teams covering the entire event. What a glorious mess!

It takes a ton of mess-embracing volunteers to pull off this event. This year, some messy teachers and faculty from Argyle will be serving alongside our CCC volunteers. What a mess! How cool is that?

If you haven’t registered to volunteer, you can simply show up at the registration table on Sunday, and we we’ll plug you right smack dab into the mess!

Please pray for good weather. Please pray and be prepared to connect with one person or family from Argyle. Please pray for Jesus’ Kingdom to expand through messy people pointing other messy people to the Gospel of Jesus.

And one more thing… THANKS for providing supplies and finances to fill 450 backpacks for all the students at Argyle! Would you also graciously consider giving your tithe/offering online this week? This would prove to be so incredibly helpful as we ask Jesus to continually push His Kingdom forward through our efforts at CCC. You can CLICK HERE to give.

I’m excited to see you on Sunday! Let’s do this!! #25! Wow!!



Weekly Giving | 7.19.15


Weekly Need $33,000.00

BTW… here is a brief schedule of our F.I.A. this Sunday:
8:30 prayer and final set up.
9:00am Volunteer Registration
10:00am Games and Activities begin
11am Worship/Celebration Service in CCC auditorium
noon Lunch/Games and Activities continue
12:30-2:00 Backpack distribution
3pm Clean up and tear down[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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