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I have a vivid memory of a woman, sitting in a navy blue recliner in her bedroom, open Bible on her lap, and catching a few minutes of a catnap before dinner. Her name was JoAnn and I cared for her child with Cerebral Palsy while I was in college and beyond.

I also have a memory of being driven to a camp with my high school youth group, by Laurie and David, a young couple in our church who were pregnant with their first baby, but taking a van load of hooligans to a Christian music festival.

Then there were the times I met in the home of Bob and Karen, my small group leaders at church. I can remember being in their home, learning, eating, and laughing. I even have a memory of a lesson they did about giving our worry over to God.

I remember Carole, an older lady at JoAnn’s church (which I only went to because JoAnn would schedule me to work every Sunday morning!) Carole had children older than me, but she took weeks of her life to disciple me. I met with her once a week and I was a hot mess!! But she never made me feel bad about my situation, she just pointed me to Jesus.

Tomorrow is my 41st birthday and I can still name the adults who were influential in my spiritual formation. Adults who were NOT my parents, but who came along side my parents, for the sake of the gospel in my life. I can name them all. JoAnn, Mary, Susan, Bob, Karen, Laurie, David, Carole, my sister Kim and her husband Dave. Only about half of the people on this list have a good look at my life now and understand what their mentorship has meant to me and my relationship with Jesus.

We are going to take a look at Deuteronomy on Sunday. A look at what the Bible tells us about passing on a faith legacy to our kids. And I feel confident in saying that the names above, those adults who gently nudged me toward Jesus, are more than partially responsible for the fact I get to sit in front of you on Sunday and tell you a few stories.

I hope you bring a friend to join us all in grown up church!

Jen Overly
Director of Kids Ministry

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