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This summer, my family watched, with great interest and anticipation, the US Women’s National Team play in the World Cup. After losing to Japan in 2011, the American women emerged victorious this time, a win punctuated with sweet redemption. Across the nation, a record number of fans watched – mesmerized by this group of athletes working rhythmically together to accomplish their dream.

What was the reason for USA’s success in 2015? The USWNT was considered by many to have one of the most athletic teams represented. But though the defensive line was strong from the start (only allowing 3 goals the entire tournament), the American midfield seemed sluggish and stifled, unable to creatively capitalize on the many scoring opportunities given.

Fortunately, the offense peaked at just the right time as Coach Jill Ellis unleashed team captain Carli Lloyd on the attack. And the USWNT played a furiously fast, confident final that impressed the nation, overwhelmed Japan and brought home the trophy. No matter how strong the defense, the offense also had to contribute to beat such a worthy opponent. The entire team had to play its best as a unit.

Don’t care about soccer? Biding your time until football season? Fortunately, this principle is true for many other sports, rock bands, even corporations. Teams don’t function well when any one individual thinks they are strongly independent and don’t need help from others. Just ask Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth. And no position on a team is excused from the task of helping the group.

Perhaps you’ve never played sports, or played in a band. But we are all part of something exponentially greater, with eternal victories to be won – we are part of the Body of Christ. And as we see in Galatians 6, Paul tells the church to carry each other’s burdens, restore, correct, and encourage each other. Remember, “the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” (Gal. 5:6). We believers are supposed to LOVE each other. The gospel demands it.

We’re going to dive in this week and begin the final chapter in Galatians. Our “Ragamuffin” series is winding down. And don’t worry if you’ve missed a few Sundays this summer – the last chapter of Galatians sums up the heart of what you need to know from this powerful, grace-infused book of the Bible.

See you Sunday, Ragamuffins!

Megan Sullivan
Director of Creative Arts

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