a glimpse towards Sunday 5.1.15

What is freedom? Is it what people are fighting for in Baltimore? Many say they are fighting for injustice and freedom. One blogger suggests the violent Baltimore protestors are creating injustice and their fighting is causing a lack of freedom.

What does freedom look like? There are over 27 million slaves in the world today. This number is more than at any point in history. Many of those slaves are young kids between the ages of twelve and sixteen. They are stuck in the sex trafficking slave trade industry. And if you think this sordid stuff is only going on in third world countries, think again. Did you know I-20 from Atlanta to Birmingham is considering the Sex Trafficking Superhighway? CLICK HERE to be enlightened.


In Galatians, Paul is screaming for freedom. “It is for freedom that Jesus has set us free, “ cries Paul (Galatians 5:1). Why would any Jesus follower settle for slavery? Why would we go backwards from freedom to the slavery of the law?

Paul asserts we are sons and daughters… heirs… of the Most High King.

Do you feel like that? Do you feel like an heir? What do you do when you believe in your head, but your heart says you’re just not worthy? What should a Jesus follower do when sin condemns and threatens our heart-felt status as a son or daughter? Let’s answer these questions come the weekend.

Our text on Sunday is Galatians 4:1-7. Would you give this an advanced read? I’m excited to teach this passage as we gather at 9 & 11 a.m. I believe God is going to show us some things that will be life altering and confidence building. We can KNOW and FEEL we are heirs, and on Sunday we’ll talk about how. You should bring a struggling friend or two to this one.


When you drive onto the CCC campus this weekend, you’ll see a new sports field under construction just to your left. This is a $100k soccer field being installed by Green Fields USA. Our own Herb Zabel is a Operations Manager for Green Fields. They wanted to build a demo soccer field for potential customers (like the Atlanta Falcons), and agreed to do this on our property at absolutely no cost to Cumberland. We will have full use of the field. Our Fuel, Echo, and VBX kids are gonna love it! This is nothing short of God’s favor, and I am one amazed and grateful pastor.

God is moving. The poor are being fed and restored. Lost people are finding Jesus. The gospel of Jesus’ redemption continues to pour out from Cumberland Community Church. Don’t miss the ride! At stake is freedom.



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