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Sunday is really going to be a great Mother’s Day at CCC. Megan and Kyle have creatively produced a very funny, light-hearted surprise for Mother’s Day to make moms and women and ALL smile. It will be good to smile on Mother’s Day. Come early because our creative surprise happens on the front end of the service.

A special Mother’s Day video will warm every heart in our gatherings.

AND… Angelica and Josh are back singing and rockin’ the electric violin. I ducked into practice last night (because Michael is playing guitar!!), and the music for Sunday is going to be powerful.

Our guest speaker on Sunday will be Matt McGue. Matt has spoken at CCC before. He is a former college roommate of mine, and has planted a church in Jackson, Mississippi. Matt and his wife, Sarah, leads a very healthy, diverse church appropriately called “ONE Church.” ONE Church is 60% Black and 40% white. Matt will be guiding us through John 17 and the concept of oneness. Mom’s are at the center of God’s plan for oneness!!

Matt will also be one of six guest panelists for our “Conversation On Diversity” this Saturday night — 7 p.m. at the church.

Which leads me to my second thing…

Would you come tomorrow night and participate in our Conversation on Diversity?
Would you read this blog I posted on Wednesday, and then prayerfully consider your time well spent tomorrow night? CLICK HERE to read…

Thanks for allowing me to be your pastor! God’s favor is on this church because the gospel in our lives and community. (have you seen the ding dang soccer field??!!)



Weekly Giving | 5.3.15

$40, 046.53

Weekly Need $33,000.00

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