a glimpse towards Sunday 2.27.15

Snowpocalypse II has passed. I barely survived. I made it back home on Wednesday just before noon — like Governor Deal had asked me to do. I hunkered and bunkered down. The family braced for the worst. Three days of school closings are evidence of the winter storm disaster God brought us all graciously through.

Perhaps the worst part of the arctic solstice catastrophe was the layering. You know what I mean, right? With a legendary Atlanta winter event, survival of the fittest is made possible by layering. Layers of clothing to insulate, hide, and dismiss the hardships of a southern winter.


winter layering

A tee layered with a flannel layered with a sweater layered with a scarf layered with a heavy jacket… is standard survival gear for what we strong and courageous Georgians require.

It’s all about the layering, baby. On Sunday, it’ll be all about the layering.

Ever wonder why we work so hard at being accepted and approved? Has the reality of our ineffective working and doing to earn our way hit you? We layer and layer and work and earn to mask something we fear will ruin any chance of approval or acceptance.

We do the same thing with the gospel. We layer and work, to insulate, hide, and dismiss the hardships of our past. The gospel is not the gospel when we layer. The catastrophic winter storm of our sinful soul is NOT preempted when we layer.

I hope you’re able to come this Sunday. I believe God is going to break through many of our layers, and bring us to an even better place of Kingdom life. Read Galatians 2:11-16 in advance. This will be our jumping off text.

The choir has been preparing to rock with our band. Angelica Tucker will lead us out front with her soulful, power-gospel ways. Pastor Charles Jackson’s 180 will connect with all who work and earn and layer to be approved. You should bring a friend to this one. We’ll be challenged with another Rich Mullins song… “The Love Of God.” Mullins was wrecked by the reckless raging fury we call the love of God. Why aren’t many of us? Why do we layer?

I’m looking forward to gathering with you and teaching. Sunday’s high temp is shooting for 45 degrees. Maybe we can even take off a few of our layers!

See you at 9 & 11 a.m.


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