a glimpse towards Sunday 2.20.15

He didn’t have a pair of shoes until he was a teenager. It wasn’t a parental, domestic abuse situation. It was abject poverty being lived out in east Africa.

His family sold a cow to afford shoes, a Bible, tuition, and school supplies so David could finally go to school. After one semester, the money from the cow was gone, and David was kicked out of school. He was only brought back to his school because of exceptional athletic abilities. David’s running would literally carry him to a life-giving education.

He would hear about Jesus at a tent revival meeting stumbled upon from a three-day journey through the wild. David had never heard of Jesus, but knew he needed such a Savior. Up until this point, David’s family worshipped a Kenyan mountain thought to bring rain on their cruel and thirsty land.

Years later, this shoeless boy would gain a teaching degree. Within a few more years, Jesus would call David to preach and teach the very gospel, which had transformed him. Now in 2015, David Thagana… BISHOP David Thagana… is the founding leader of GOA (Gospel Outreach Association), a church planting organization responsible for hundreds of churches throughout Kenya.

On Sunday, we get the rare privilege of being challenged with the humble, gospel-saturated heart of Bishop Thagana. David is known to say things like: “If God can use a poor, shoeless runner like me, just think what He could do with such a blessed gathering of folks like that of Cumberland!”

This weekend is our long-anticipated missions weekend. This is NOT your grandmother’s missions weekend with some old dude toting a boring carousel of slides! ☺ Bishop David Thagana will push us to grow our hearts towards global and local lost people. We will challenge each other to say “YES” to either pray, give, or go. Would you come with this prayer on your lips — “Lord, how would you want me to pray, give, or go?”

After the 11 a.m. service, we’ll have a special lunch in C3. If you’d like to hear a more detailed look into our global partnership with GOA and Bishop Thagana, please come! Perhaps God is whispering to you about going into the Dark Continent to give and receive the awesome freedom of the gospel. Remember… free people free people. As you have become gospel saturated, what might God be calling you to consider?

It’s really gonna be a great Sunday morning this weekend. Angelica and Josh will be out front leading our band (and us) with some smokin’ music. Jen Overly’s missions 180 will debut. This stacks up to be an awesome Sunday to bring someone along with you. See you at 9 and 11 a.m.!



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