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Sometimes you just show up.

During the recent catastrophic, crippling, historic, BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS ice storm, my two youngest kids wanted to build an igloo from chunks of ice.  Michael and Morgan went to work, and within hours they were making great progress.   Within those same hours, the kids were also relentless on begging me to “come see” their igloo.  I went outside every time they asked, because sometimes as a dad, all you have to do is show up.

Most of parenting is just showing up.  Much of marriage is the same.

This week was particularly hard for me.  I was asked to speak at the funeral of my Uncle Dave.   When I got the call last Sunday, I wasn’t sure how I would re-arrange my schedule — but I knew I had to show up.

Uncle Dave was 85.  He and Aunt Phyl took me into their home at the end of my junior year of high school.  They helped, loved, constrained, and counseled me all the way through graduation.  They breathed life into me when the struggles of divorce and brokenness were choking me to death.  Uncle Dave and Aunt Phyl showed up.

They showed up for 65 years in marriage.  This week, Aunt Phyl reminded me privately of a particularly tough time in their marriage.   She thought it might all collapse.  She thanked me for a brief kitchen conversation years ago when I put my arm around her and confided, “Everything’s going to be alright.”  That marital wall was around the 25-year mark for Uncle Dave and Aunt Phyl.  They continued on brilliantly for another 40 years afterwards.  They continued showing up.

Hundreds of people showed up for the visitation and funeral this week.  So many had seemingly moved heaven and earth to get there because Uncle Dave had shown up in their lives.  He just showed up.

This Sunday, Lord willing, we’ll gather to begin a new 5-week marriage series.  For five great weeks, we’ll be digging through Ephesians 5:21-33.  I’m asking you to show up.  Whether you’re looking to be married, want to save your marriage, want to maintain your marriage, have hopes of strengthening your marriage, or are done with marriage — I’m asking you to show up.  God has significant things to say to ALL during this critical series.  Please show up.

On this first Sunday, I need men to show up.  Ladies, you certainly will not be neglected, but we will be taking a poignant look at the role of men in marriage.  I’m excited to share because at the center of all this is the gospel.  The EPIC gospel.  Just wait… it’s gonna be so cool.   PLEASE, just show up.  Men, please show up.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 9 & 11 a.m.  I’m gonna show up!  How ‘bout you?  I’m anxious to teach.  My heart is full.



P.S. – Hey parents of middle and high schoolers…  Did you know I’ve been teaching our teens on Sunday nights.  We’re having a great time!  We’ve got several weeks to go as I teach through basic principles of our faith.  If you’re not making sure your kid is there, I’m asking you as a parent to SHOW UP!

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