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Isn’t it funny how everything moves crazily towards Christmas for over a month, and then… suddenly… it’s over.

Last night the family was watching a little TV, and the commercials … suddenly… starting touting 70% off-the-day-AFTER-Christmas sales. Michael shouted, “NO!!! It’s not over. Christmas is not over!” There was something deep inside resonating with the emotions my son emitted.

I love everything about Christmas. Starting approximately around Easter, I can begin looking forward to Christmas. When it comes and quickly goes, there’s a sense of great joy AND sadness. Weird.

Santa is it over yet

The news programs this morning were all running montages of 2014 highlights. With Christmas behind us, we fast-forward to New Years. With a new year approaching, glimpses back seem appropriate.

At Cumberland, God expanded his diverse Kingdom in 2014. So many people went home wet. So many decisions were made to live out true, gospel discipleship. We reclaimed the authority of scripture with our Genesis series. With Jen Overly and team leading, our kids ministry starting jamming out our building space with 300+. Our teens have blossomed to 70+ with newly hired Student Ministries Pastor, Britt Johnson (and awesome team). Some 18 new community groups have been added because of Joe Braun’s leadership. Kyle Nighman & Megan Sullivan (and army) continue to lead awe-inspiring and God glorifying services Sunday after Sunday. And even though Rob Irvine, our Outside the Walls Pastor, has had a tough year with his health, we’ve continued in roads into Kenya, Greece, and now India. Stacy Brungardt has led our efforts with The Collective in incredible ways. Check these numbers out: 271 people served. $141,000 requested. $4,700 given towards rent & utilities. $526 given for gas cards and CCT bus passes to help people with job interviews and work. $575 clothed 23 people for work attire through Kamila’s Closet. Twenty-three families were given $920 for furniture needed with transitional housing. 16 people without health insurance used $860 for doctors, dental needs, and prescriptions. $13,440 worth of food was given to 214 individuals and families. 84 people were seeking employment; 52 were placed in jobs. Through the newly established Paxen learning center in the Collective, 10 people received their G.E.D. 320 hours were logged in our Christian counseling center. 42 PEOPLE CAME TO KNOW JESUS, AND 24 WERE BAPTIZED!

That’s JUST scratching the surface on quite a 2014 at Cumberland Community Church.

I tell you these things NOT to merely reminisce, but to challenge you to move forward with us in 2015. The gospel is going to go out from this place. We will lift up Jesus, and let HIM draw all folks to Himself.

Christmas is over, and… suddenly… the new year is upon us. Would you consider your involvement? Would you consider your giving? Would you consider giving a year-end gift to help us close out 2014 strong, and head into 2015 with Kingdom aggressiveness? With what God is up to at CCC, I believe a year-end gift is worthy of considerations. You can give online by clicking HERE. You can also mail in your gift, and if it’s post-marked by Dec. 31st, it will be included on your 2014 giving statement.

Thanks for WHO you are. YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH * Thanks for serving. Thanks for giving. Thanks for allowing me to be your pastor. See you in the new year on Jan, 4th!



(Remember… no services this Sunday, December 28th. Hope you got your Church In A Bag!)

* You’re good enough because of Jesus.

Weekly Giving | 12/21/2014


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