a glimpse towards Sunday 1.2.15


My always eclectic and wonderfully edgy daughter, Lauren, was getting a bit weary of the many New Year’s resolution social media posts. She sarcastically and humorously scripted her own tweet. Here it is:

“6am wake up, 5mile run, all my daily nutrition in one shake that taste like chocolate, and 365 goals for 2015 planned. Hello, 2015.”

She thought if she would exaggerate with ridiculous fashion, some might get the point of how many January 1st resolutions are a bit… well, unrealistically resolute.
Lauren bemoaned how too many were becoming too complicated with the advent of 2015.

What if we simplified a bit? What if there were three words to ease us into this New Year? We think we’ve found those three words. Try these on for size. Renew. Reiterate. Relate.

Our first three Sundays of this New Year will help us to RENEW our souls, REITERATE vision, and RELATE the gospel. If we could accomplish just these three things, wouldn’t that be a great start to 2015?

This Sunday we’ll be focusing on renewing our souls. We’ll remind each other of how the gospel enables the supernatural work of making us holy while also being made holy. We’ll remember how through Jesus (asterisk) we can be new creations who are also being constantly renewed.

Are you ready to hit this New Year running (not necessary laps around the high school track…)? Think you could handle three simple goals of renew, reiterate, and relate? Let’s do this thaang. Tweet this out: RENEW. REITERATE. RELATE.

I’m anxious to see you and be with you in this New Year. It’s going to be a great one. I’ll see you this Sunday at our 9 & 11 a.m. gatherings.



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