a glimpse towards Sunday 1.9.15

A funny thing happened in 1977. Tandy computer executives articulated their vision for personal computers. “We think it could be the next big thing on everyone’s wish list for the holiday season!”

Then… Commodore computer execs spit out their vision. At the time, their stock was trading at less than one dollar a share. The Commodore folks said excitedly, “We think (personal computers) could help our stock rise above two dollars a share.”

There was another oddity by the name of Steve Jobs who spoke vision like a magical story. Steve Jobs founded Apple Computers a year prior. In 1977, Jobs gave his impassioned vision of personal computers and said, “Personal computers are going to change the world. They will change everything about the way we work, educate our children, and entertain ourselves. You’ll not help but buy in.”

Vision is a powerful thing. Don’t believe me? Check your computer gear. See any Tandy or Commodore logos these days?


On Sunday, we’ll continue our three-week slide into the New Year with three words: Renew. Reiterate. Relate. As we gather our community this week, we’re going to reiterate vision. There’s much ground to cover. Our text will be Acts 2:20-47. Nobody did vision like the first century church. They’ll be our model and prompting to move forward with the gospel at Cumberland in 2015.

I always love to vision cast. There’s an energy attached to painting a preferred future. There’s an excitement when God-given vision is given light. It’s a powerful thing when God moves a corporate, diverse body forward with His vision.

But… the key to vision is not all in the casting; it’s in the accomplishment. Vision accomplishment MUST be our challenge. What will be required from each of us to be faithful to the path God has put us on? Let’s talk!

I’m excited to be back at it and teaching this Sunday. We’ll have a big, rockin’ choir to lead the way in worship and inspiration. Are you ready for some vision accomplishment by bridging the gap between being close to Christ to Christ-centered? Let’s go! Bring a friend. See you at 9 and 11 a.m.



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