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Isn’t anticipation an incredible thing?  What determines whether or not you anticipate something with dread or great excitement?   Anticipation is attached to dread when:  1) you’re out of your sweet spot; 2) you’re unprepared; 3) there has been absolutely no assurance of any type outcome.

What about excitement saddled up to anticipation?  How does this work?  Three keys to being excited with whatever looms in the future are:  1) confidence given from one who is an authority; 2) consistent rehearsal, preparation, & education;  3) affirmation comes the event draws close.

Case in point…

Michael played in his middle school talent show last night.  He was excited, and anticipated a great evening of shredding his guitar to the delight of a packed house.  That said, Michael had been rehearsing nightly.  I was constantly listening and helping where I could with positive “thumbs up” and a whole lot of “ that’s awesome!”  Sherry would tag team with me and affirm Michael in his passion and giftings.

How did it all go last night? Michael was slated to close out the show… so anticipation grew even greater. The auditorium was half full.  The soundman played the wrong backing track for Michael.  He had prepared a blues number.  The track blaring through the speakers was a 60’s rock and roll thing.

Michael rolled with it.  He didn’t flinch.  His preparation, confidence from me, and affirmations from mom created excited anticipation.  This also allowed Michael to roll with it when things didn’t go exactly as planned.  Are you curious about how the whole event really turned out?  Go to my Facebook page and watch the video!

On Sunday we’ll be finishing out Mark chapter thirteen.  We’ll take one more shot at a central core piece of our faith — the second coming of Christ.  Do you anticipate such a great event with dread or excitement?  It probably hinges on the confidence you’ve been given from One in authority.  Your preparation is crucial.  Affirmation from those around you won’t hurt either.

Will it all turn out the way you or other end-times experts might predict?  Probably not.  Will you be able to roll with it anyway?  Let’s talk on Sunday.  Isn’t this end times stuff FUN?  Well, it probably depends.   See you soon.  9 & 11 a.m.  I’m excited to teach.



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