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Our CCC offices, my Facebook page, and the news media are all a buzz about the new Braves stadium.  In less than three years, the crack of bat to ball will be resounding in a major league way just down the street from Cumberland.  How crazy is that?

What is a reasonable response to all of this hard ball frenzy?  How should we respond to 40,000 people knocking on our front door eighty days a summer?  A small wooden sign sporting “Go Braves” seems lame.  A lavishly furnished suite in our balcony reserved strictly for Braves players seems a bit misdirected.

Historically, sports stadiums increase sex trafficking of women and children within a close proximity of where major sports events occur.  What’s a reasonable response?    (check out: http://www.susannorris.org/2013/11/move/)

I’ve had considerable texts, emails, and messages about financial possibilities connected to a possible parking ministry.  Is this a reasonable response to a broken and sports-crazed world literally trouncing through our backyard?  Having professionals playing baseball less than a ¼ mile from our model of a church/community center is no small, pedantic piece of information.  The right, proper, and reasonable response becomes critical with upcoming leadership decisions.  The size of opportunity drives the level of response.

What drives our response to Jesus and His EPIC gospel?  Some will respond with expectations of happiness, external gain, and a life that is constantly up and to the right.   Anything less would not allow Jesus to be conformed to their image.  Others will sit and worship.  It’s a real thing of beauty.  From that very posture of worship, ideas of extravagant outpourings of love will rise up.  Lavish, excessive, flamboyant expressions of love and worship will be seen.  As a result, the gospel will be seen and heard — all as a reasonable response to Jesus.  We all have an opportunity to respond to Jesus.  What will drive our response?

On Sunday, we’ll be inching ever closely to the crucifixion of Jesus in our EPIC series.  As we dive into Mark 14:1-11, we’ll see a woman preparing for Jesus’ burial.   Mary sits and responds.  There’s another who sits in close proximity, but his expectations have fallen far short.  In response, Judas sells out.  Our text is a challenging one, and I hope you’ll bring someone else along with you as we unpack it all.

What IS a reasonable response to Jesus?  Sporting a fish or a “honk if you love Jesus” bumper sticker as your only means just seems lame.  Is giving your life and stuff away in lavish fashion misdirected?  Let’s gather on Sunday and respond.  I’m excited and anxious to teach.  See you at 9 & 11 a.m.  Maybe we should all wear our Braves gear!



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