a glimpse towards Sunday 10.3.14

We’re waking up this morning to the news of JP Morgan Chase reporting another security breach of 76 million people. Recently Home Depot and Target admitted their databases had been hacked, and millions more became wobbly-kneed with security fears.

Sherry and I cut our cable a while back to free up some extra cash. Simultaneously we picked up a new expense. Identity theft insurance. Current trends, risks, and fears drove our decision.

An NBC cameraman has contracted Ebola. A man in Texas has the deadly virus. Another person in Utah is being checked. Over 3,000 from the epicenter of Liberia have died. The fears of a new contagion are growing, while the sales of sterile masks soars.

After three ISIS beheadings in Iraq, a Muslim man in Moore, Oklahoma beheaded his former employer. Alton Nolen had been fired after trying to persuade co-workers to convert to Islam.

If you weren’t already depressed and worried on this rainy Friday, you probably are now. Sorry.

How then shall we live? The dynamic leader and Apostle, Peter, said we should live as a royal priesthood … advertising God’s glory and his marvelously secure light.

Many believe this is a true statement Peter penned in I Peter 2:9. How does such a lofty statement actually work in our difficult world? Peter’s world was tough too. Nero was feeding Christians to lions and calling it entertainment. In the middle of such fear, Peter called Jesus followers to grab onto life-giving living

How can we find life-giving living today? Interested? There is security to grasp in our fear-gripped world. Interested?

This Sunday we begin a new five-week series called “Life-Giving Living.” I Peter 2:9-12 is what we’ll be pouring into our souls to wash us with the Word.

Check out THIS VIDEO TEASER for the new series.

I’ll see you Sunday. I hope nothing will keep you from being a part of this important series for the royal priesthood gathering at Cumberland. I’ve been anxious to teach this series since my summer study break. Bring a friend or two… 9 & 11 a.m. at 3110 Sports Ave. Come early to enjoy the priesthood!



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