a glimpse towards Sunday 10.10.14


Every year at about this time we turn off all the air conditioning and open up the windows to get that fresh breeze blowing through the house. And as the season shifts, we close the windows and turn on the heat – but, for some reason we still get that same breeze blowing through the cheap windows and cracks and poor seal job.

So, I called Bank of America and asked them to fix my windows; they laughed at me. Apparently because I own the house they seem to think its my problem.

There are some that believe that the level of care for something is directly tied to the level of ownership of it. I’m sure that isn’t true in many situations, but I do wonder if we can relate this to our faith.

If I “own” the mission of God, do I inherently participate at a higher level of engagement? And does “ownership” automatically mean that I “do more activity?”

Where God took me in exploring the answer to those questions is surprising… And I am excited to share with you! Join us this Sunday at either 9:00 or 11:00.
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Weekly Giving | 10/5/14


Weekly Need $29,000.00

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