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It happens every year, and every year it yanks my inner chain.  It’s happened for years and years, so I guess it’ll never really stop.  I’m certain no harm is meant, but nonetheless… it is what is it.

What is it?  In short it’s this quaint little quip, “How was your vacation?”  Sometimes I’ll take the time to explain about my study break.  You know … I’ll paint a martyr’s picture of studying eight hours a day, thinking, writing, and agonizing on behalf of the church and in responsibility of my heavy role as lead pastor.   I may even ask if they were able to read my study break blog (usually about 3 people do).  Sometimes, if I’m really feelin’ it, I’ll tell them how Sherry doesn’t view my study break as a vacation.  “Just ask her,” as I finish off my passionate persuasion.   I’m pretty sure these attempts at alleviating my own insecurities are never fully heard.  I usually get a response like, “Wow.  You sure brought back a great tan!”

Sigh.  Oh well.  Even with some clouded understanding of some supposed and feigned “study” (air quotes theirs) break, the benefit I receive is deep and real.

My lunch appointment today asked how my break went (I’m sure he meant vacation).  I told him it was great.  It’s always great.  You’d have to be an idiot to mess this thing up.  With time away to read great books, study scripture, write, think, walk, pray, worship, dream, plan, — WITH the family you love while sleeping within earshot of crashing waves… are you kidding me?  It’s always great.  I love my  annual study break.

I’m always anxious to go, and to get back and teach.  AND… it just so happens that a top ten classic verse is included in our text from Mark this Sunday.  Along side John 3:16, John 14:6, and Romans 6:23, the jewel of Mark 10:45 should most definitely be highlighted if not memorized for Jesus followers.  Not sure?   Go ahead and take an advance look.  Now do you remember these words?

It’s all about the cross.  Sunday will be all about the cross.   There’s controversy and misunderstanding concerning the cross.  Some have excluded it completely.  Others take it entirely too lightly.   Greatness and glory are at the cross.  Anybody want some?

We’ll unpack a few questions like: “Why was the cross necessary?  Couldn’t God just forgive without the cross?  Why was it so bloody and violent?”   I believe this will be a fantastic Sunday to bring a friend along with you.

Will you be great?  Will we be a part of a great church?  It all depends and points back to the cross.  I can’t wait to teach.  I can’t wait to be back with ya’ll.  I can’t wait to see you.  Gotta run for now.  Someone just stuck their head in my office to see how my vacation went.  I said, “Fine.”

NOTE: Due to VBX, we will not be having 9:00 Studio C3. We will, however, be having our VBX finale at 11:00 in the Studio and a picnic after church to celebrate an amazing week of kids camp!



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