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Ever watch “Gold Rush” on Discovery Channel?  I’ve watched a few times.  It seems insane. It seems there is nothing that the Hoffmans, Schnabels, and Dakota Boys won’t do in their search for gold.

Did you know California is a state largely because of the Gold Rush?  Fortune seekers, called 49ers because most arrived in 1849, accounted for the largest migration in American history. While some became rich because they struck gold, simply supporting the chaos made others rich., i.e. Levis & Wells Fargo. The reality is that the vast majority ended up as wage laborers. Oh, and 92% of all the gold seekers were men  – DOH!

During summers growing up outside of Chicago, we’d hit the North Park Pool.  Some days we’d go twice, once in the afternoon, once in the evening.  It was less crowded at night, and fewer people meant the water was more still.  Looking down, moving really slowly, you could spot loose change on the bottom of the pool. A dime would buy a freeze pop. I’d even enlist a younger sister or brother to be the spotter from the side.  Sometimes we spent the entire 2 hours the pool was open in the evening just looking for change.

Fast-forward about 30 years. I worked for an Internet startup back in the 90s. One of the few that made it through the Internet bubble-burst.  After we went public in 1998, the stock price was a daily focus. Honestly, it was probably hourly.  More honestly … some days, my stock-price-checking was nearly non-stop. So maybe the Hoffmans, Schnabels, Dakota Boys, and 49ers aren’t so insane after all.

Ever had something or someone that just seems to consume your thoughts, or dominate your time or your actions, relationships or plans? I have. And as you can see, for me it hasn’t always been and isn’t always Jesus. He knows that. I know that. Wrestling with that has been good.  Look forward to sharing more on Sunday from Mark 10 and The Rich Young Ruler.  Hope you can make it.



P.S. Feel free to bring a friend, it won’t be all about money.  I promise.

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