Stormy Weather

When your child runs a fever, is that a good thing?  There’s a viral storm raging somewhere in their body.  Is it possible this could be a good thing?  What parent could possibly give a nod of approval when midnight turns into 1:30 a.m. while nursing a fever?

But a fever is a necessary warning sign.  It’s also the wonder of our God-given bodies fighting off an internal storm.

Are storms good?  I had to drive home in one today.  Traffic was a bear.  Flashing blue lights and a nasty wreck had cars lined up.  Lightning flashed impressively across the skies.   Thunder boasted nature’s sub woofer.  Some would argue the beauty, design, and purpose of such storms.   How could they be good?

A woman holds a red umbrella on a fishing pier during a storm.The folks in Louisiana stuck deep in muddy waters are probably asking similar questions.  How could this be a good thing?

On Sunday, we’re peeking behind the clouds and studying storms.  You might be in one.  God not only allows them and uses them, but sometimes he causes them.


How is THAT fair?  Come Sunday.  Ask Jonah.  God interrupted our running prophet with a storm too.  You won’t believe how this all applies to us… again.

Are you in a full-blown storm?  Got a slight fever?  Have you started wondering where God is in all of this?  How ON EARTH could your struggle be a good thing, much less a God thing?

Hope to see you Sunday.  I’m excited to teach our second message in the new “Interrupted” Jonah series.   We’ll dig into Jonah 1:4-6.  Just three stormy verses.

Maybe you know someone navigating the seas of their own storm.  You should throw them a lifeline and bring them with you… 9 & 11 a.m. on Sunday.  Our rockin’ band and choir will lead the way.  It should be good.  It will be good to gather and give Jesus the fame due because of the power of his awesome Gospel.



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