Georgia’s own President Carter once said, “”Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.”
Of course, you don’t have to navigate any limbs to pick raspberries and blueberries, but I get it. We’ll slant our thinking anyway possible to avert risk.

I have a friend who sold a complicated math formula for thousands of dollars. The numerical equation took risk out of investing. Wouldn’t that be something! I’d like to invest and have significant outcome; I just don’t want to take the risk.


I’d like to have six-pack abs; I just don’t want to risk the embarrassment of a gym.

I’d like to have a smokin’ hot spouse; I just don’t like taking the risk of dating.

I’d like to build story into my kids; I just don’t want to take any risk that would capture their imagination.

I could go on and on and on… (I’ve got a million of these!).

Did you know the Falcons took a huge risk in securing Julio Jones in the 2011 draft? Think that risk paid off? The Super Bowl may give the definitive answer!

Does the Bible call us to risk? Take a look at Matthew 25:14-30. Still not convinced? Think about Moses, Jonathan, David & Goliath, and Esther. There’s some big dawg risk takers. Hebrews 11 is a chapter full of risk takers. Familiar with a hooker named Rahab? Risk taker.

Can we think about Jesus for just a sec? He gave up heaven, became poor, took on pain, entered into a messy and broken world—to offer unconditional love susceptible to callused rejection. Now THAT is risky. Perhaps Jesus was the biggest risk taker of all.

On Sunday, we’re taking a closer look at the risk Cumberland is taking with her big move. There’s big news to reveal, but there’s risk for us to consider and manage. Are you willing to RISK by being Ready, Intimate in Worship, Serving, & Kingdom Focused? Let’s talk on Sunday. The payoff is huge.

I’m excited to teach come Sunday. I’ll see you at our 9 & 11 a.m. gatherings. Bring a friend. Take a risk and invite someone!

AND… Sunday night is our last session of MERGE. We’ve enjoyed great dinners at 5, and awesome learning at 6 p.m. Even if you’ve never come, you can still sign up and benefit. CLICK HERE to sign up.

Blessings ya’ll,

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