When was the last time you unleashed your wrath? Not too long ago, I bought the wrong power cord at an Apple store in Ohio. I tried to return said cord at an Apple store in Georgia. Little did I know that, while this store looked, smelled, and advertised as an Apple store, it was not an official Apple store and would not return my unused power cord. I lost it. I unleashed. The wrath of Alan ensued, and my kids sneaked out the front door acting like they did not know the man inside making a fool of himself. When I finished my fake-Apple-store tirade, I walked outside where my kids were waiting. “What?” I demanded as they stared at me. They just rolled their eyes and walked decidedly away.

Wrath is an interesting thing.

Last night, the Atlanta Braves’ young star, Ronald Acuna, Jr., was hit purposefully by Marlin’s pitcher Joe Urena. Acuna had hit two leadoff homers and four home-runs in consecutive games. The Marlins couldn’t beat Acuna, so they beaned Acuna. Crazy. You can see the malice on this VIDEO.

The Braves’ manager, Brian Snitker, unleashed his wrath on Urena, the umpires, and all of baseball. Eventually, the Braves’ skipper was kicked out of the game for his public unleashing of some Major League wrath. Snitker later said, “He’s [Acuna] my kid. I’m going to protect him. It was obviously intentional. He’s one of mine.”

It seems like you’re more apt to display wrath when you love something or someone.

Most people think Snitker was justified for his wrath.

It’s amazing how worked up most people get when you talk about the wrath of God. Seems many don’t want God to possess the stuff of wrath.

On Sunday we’re finishing up chapter 10 of Joshua. We’re specifically looking at Joshua 10:16-26. It’s some real “wrath of God” stuff. What do we do with this? Most dismiss it because it just doesn’t jibe with the God they want. But if we only seek the God we want, will we miss the God we need?

There is a way to see the wrath of God as awesome. Come Sunday and find out how this works.

The choir will be rockin’. The love of Jesus will be flowin’ as we practically apply the wrath of God to our lives. Remember:wrath is more likely to be displayed when you love something or someone. You need to see this. You need to bring a friend. We continue to experience “MVMNT” at Cumberland.

See you on Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.


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