Pop Rocks & Soda Pop

My boys always look forward to visiting my parents in Ohio. They get lots of love, attention, wide-open spaces, and cable television. Yes, you read that correctly. We don’t have cable, so it’s a treat for my boys to lounge in their grandparents’ family room for a mind-numbing buffet of sports, cartoons, and “educational” shows. One show that they’ve historically enjoyed is “Mythbusters,” where the hosts perform scientific experiments to either confirm or debunk popular myths.

One particular episode we caught was about the possibility of a human stomach rupturing after consuming the treacherous combo of six packets of Pop Rocks candy and six cans of soda. Can you guess the verdict? The “Mythbusters” had to call this one busted. While the popping candy and soda did increase the stomach size, it did not produce enough pressure for it to rupture or explode.

Many popular myths exist when it comes to church giving. The Pop Rocks-and-soda myth might not be plausible once we graduate from the playground, but many adults believe that all the Church wants is their money. This myth exists for a reason, unfortunately. There have been many unfortunate instances of popular churches’ and televangelists’ becoming involved in financial scandals. And when churches teach unbiblical concepts about giving, it certainly doesn’t help put these myths to rest.

This Sunday, we’re diving into a new series that will tackle many myths about tithing, stewardship, and Kingdom investments. We will take a hard look at Scripture to determine the truth. We also have the pleasure of welcoming back our friend Damian Boyd from Vertical Church in Atlanta. I’m sure you’ll remember him from when he spoke here in July. He always brings energy and an intense passion for the Word. You won’t want to miss this very special Sunday. Come join us!


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