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video blog

By Alan Scott / June 5, 2010 /

thought I’d do a video blog for a study break saturday update. have a GREAT Sunday everyone. click on the below link to watch video blog… Movie on 2010-06-05 at 23.05

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stupid novels

By Alan Scott / June 4, 2010 /

Sherry likes novels with at least a five inch girth. Like a toddler’s unrelinquished blankie, Sherry doesn’t put her cherished novels down until the last page is coddled and absorbed. I lose my wife for a few days, and then I get the summation. Oh the summation. You can’t get a quick summation when a novel boasts thirty plus chapters, and a back cover touting something about “love, compassion, and self-discovery.” Ugh. On the other hand, I read books about…

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stolen sand castles

By Alan Scott / June 3, 2010 /

Someone built a huge, detailed sand castle close to where I usually camp my beach chair and umbrella. I was undeterred by the many gawkers, and camped out in my usual place. It really was an impressive sand castle. The morning walkers were all a buzz. I heard someone say they’d never seen anything like it. I looked to see if that person was also wearing a yellow radio headset to pull in their favorite FM station. One onlooker glanced…

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By Alan Scott / June 2, 2010 /

There was a young family who plopped their beach necessities in front of me this morning. Chairs were placed, umbrellas were set, floatation devices inflated, suncreen applied, baby with big floppy hat propped up on bamboo mat, and just like that — another vacation was up and running. The baby started to cry. Sherry leaned over and interrupted my reading. “Who would bring a baby to the beach?” she whispered. “Yeah, people would have to be nuts to hit the…

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By Alan Scott / June 1, 2010 /

I hit the sand early this morning. 6:30 a.m. I was immediately curious if Lucy would walk by. I wrote about her last year. 6:30 turned quickly into a beautiful sunrise and 7 a.m. The shadows were giving way to the blue and orange invasion of the sun. The morning moon captivated me, but looking upward seemed to untether me from earth. I wondered if Lucy had literally done the same. Was she still alive? In her eighties last…

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Boars Head and Getting Old

By Alan Scott / May 31, 2010 /

We pulled into our Florida hideaway around 10:30 last night.  After a great Sunday at CCC, the eight hour drive made our beds seem all the more comfy. Sherry and I talked a bit about the privilege of having a study break over the years. We’ve been doing this summer routine for about ten years. It has helped our family, marriage, and ministry remain vital and connected. It’s incredibly reassuring to be a part of a church that values the…

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Miracle Whip

By Alan Scott / May 9, 2010 / Comments Off on Miracle Whip

Luke 4:31-41 See the white space given at the beginning of this third chapter? It’s free. Most people don’t know this, but you don’t pay for this extra white space given at chapter breaks. Go ahead, take it. It’s yours. It came with the book, but it’s absolutely free. In this great, free, white space, write down a miracle you need. Your miracle could be relational, it might have to do with your health, your finances, your kids, or your…

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I Quit Being A Christian So I Could Follow Jesus

By Alan Scott / April 13, 2010 / Comments Off on I Quit Being A Christian So I Could Follow Jesus

My two teenage daughters’ music is a strange and curious world for me to peek into. From a safe distance I am allowed to remain both cool and Dad, while indulging myself in their music. I don’t believe their music will ever be as classic as mine. Will anyone ever equal the soul of powerhouses like the Eagles, Boston, or Styx? Please. Of course, the term “classic” is painfully relative with my girls. They seem to relegate my world of…

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