Fake news remains in our news. The reeling question is this: Is the news about phony news actually real news? It’s so confusing.

Social media and amazing graphics have empowered the ability to crank out fake news. But fake news is only as powerful as our leanings and preconceived ideas want it to be. Fake news plays into what we want to believe or what can empower us to stand out from the crowd. Fake news is only as powerful as we want it to be. Sadly it all has become substantially powerful and actual fake news. I have become an oxymoron.

How do you discern what’s real? Shark week just recently wrapped up. I assume most of what we watched on the Discovery Channel was real—although I’m sure there was some editing room magic that made the adrenaline rushes even greater for TV. Now that we’re, again, afraid to go back into the water – what do you think about this photo? Is it real?

This Sunday, we’re tackling this idea: Is Satan real? Is the Devil a thing? Most folks in the West don’t think so. In fact, about half of American Christians do not believe in Satan. What do you think? Fake news?

What does the Bible say? What did Jesus say?

You and I have our battles. We know there is evil in our world. How do we explain and fight it? If Satan is real, what will be our effective battle strategy?

Our “MVMNT” series lands us smack dab in the middle of Joshua 9. It’s an incredibly deceptive story. There are crumbs of evil that lead us to what we believe about Satan. If we conclude that Satan is real, finding the right counter strategy is essential.

The bottom line is this: The reality of Satan leads to victory in Jesus. I believe there is a way to become excited when battles, closed doors, darkness, and Satan weighs us down. We’ll get to that on Sunday. (I’ll also let you know if the shark photo is real or not.)

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. I’m excited to be back after my summer study break. There are so many good things unfolding at CCC. I’m excited.



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