Gospel Realignment


Gospel Realignment

I’ve been convinced I need a PSL (and if you don’t know what that is, then you are so not cool) to officially let Autumn cool my soul.  The swaying of my consumer mindset is such that I will absolutely be happier and lighter with some gel insoles.  The holistic deodorant I’ve had my eye on will surely save me from free radicals.  A new bed will most likely make me a new person, and if I use the radio talk show host’s discount code when I order it, I’ll save 20%.  “Dah, da, dat-dat, dah… I’m Lovin’ It.”  I am having it all my way.  I’ll do it my way.  The voices sound credible.   So many are listening with me.  The influence is irrefutable.



The barrage of messages overwhelm and wilt my soul; my SELF is fully alive.  Just ask those I’ve hurried by, neglected, or hurt this week.  Start with my family for honest answers.


The pursuit of happiness is a dangerous one.  It often hides a greater work that God is doing.  When happiness moves from a good thing to glory, trouble ensues.


So why do we gather in our Life Groups or on Sundays?  To be washed with the Word.  To empty ourselves and shine the spotlight brightly on the One Who deserves it.  When we don’t do this, we can begin to miss the greater work of the Gospel of Jesus.


This is Jonah.  This is me.  Is it you?  God may remove our comforts so that the Gospel can get to broken people who are uncomfortable.  It happened with Jonah.


On Sunday, we’ll be poring over Jonah 4:1-8.  There’s such crazy, practical stuff there.  It’s all such an honest mirror to gaze into, if we dare.  I’m excited to teach.


We’re going to gather at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. to worship and to point to the Audience of One.  We are not the spectators; we are the performers who desperately need some Gospel realignment.  See you soon…






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