I believe in rugged individualism. I’m not sure it’s great theology, but it’s what I had to learn growing up and what my dad modeled. With that, you’d think I could survive the wild with a plastic Walmart bag filled with only duct tape and popsicle sticks. Nope.

I said I BELIEVED in rugged individualism. I’m not sure I practice it.

Yesterday my computer freaked out—as did I. I left the office hoping the disk utility would repair the whole mess in the 32 hours my screen said it needed. I was depleted and defeated like a Rice Krispies treat at a Weight Watchers class. I went home wondering how I would even function at the rise of the morning’s sun. I went to bed early. The dark clouds seemed to encourage such behavior.

Then in the morning, I spilled blueberries all over the kitchen floor. I thought I had picked them all up. As I backed my way out the front door, I spotted a mysterious blue splotch on the foyer’s pristine floor. It was a squashed blueberry. My ego, self-esteem, and drive were squashed, too.

“Why even bother going out the door. I won’t have a laptop to write my sermon. I’m such a squashed blueberry. This is a horribly-gone-south kind of day, and it’s only 6:45.” That was my internal voice. So much for rugged individualism.

How do you know if you’re a weenie or not? Here are five clues:

1. The only puzzle you’ve solved on “Wheel of Fortune” was: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

2. Your hangnail needs a second Band-Aid.

3. John Eldredge books scare you.

4. You can’t look Simon Cowell in the eyes when he’s on TV.

5. Squashed blueberries squash your confidence.

Are Americans really that rugged? We can give up and quit quite proficiently. And if squashed blueberries rattle us, what happens when the real battles of life hit?

This Sunday, we’re going to remember the more significant battles, because it keeps us in the fight for the lesser ones. Maybe we’re not rugged individuals, but our God is. Remembering HIM keeps us from sinking in a flood of battles. We’ll be in Joshua 4. You should give that a quick read. It’s fascinating stuff. It’s relevant to where we live—and to where God has CCC.

I’m looking forward to seeing you this Sunday at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. Bring a friend. They might be weenies too!



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