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Just Like Elijah
“My name is Alan and I have a problem”
June 10, 2012
Alan Scott (lead pastor, CCC)

Discussion Questions

1.  Can you name a movie where the end is shown first, and then the rest of the movie explains how you got there?
Do you like those kinds of movies?  Why or why not?

2.  Read Revelation 21:1-5.  How does the end of the Bible inform the rest of God’s revelation?  How does the ending of God’s Word align with the beginning … or Genesis?

3.  What is the gospel?  What is the Kingdom of God?  How is this easy for you to explain, and how is it hard?  Do you think we’ve made the gospel and the Kingdom small?  Explain?

4.  Read I Kings 17:1-7.  Where is the epic gospel of a grand Kingdom in this text?  Why had Ahab dismissed God’s Kingdom for a much smaller one?  Why do we?

5.  In relation to the good news of a restored Kingdom on earth, what’s going on in I Kings 17:2-6?   Describe when you’ve had a glimpse of God’s epic Kingdom.   How does your mind and hopes wrap around Matthew 19:28-29?

6.  Look at I Kings 17:7.  Why DO brooks dry up?  How does this fit into the greater Bible narrative of good news and a restored Kingdom?  Why DO bad things happen… to good people… to God’s people?  How will you and your community group be changed by seeing an epic gospel of a greater Kingdom than just someday making it to heaven?  How does this change everything… or nothing?

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