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EPIC | “Going Home Wet”
Sept. 16, 2012
Alan Scott (Lead Pastor, CCC)


  1. What is the last book you’ve read that had an outcome just like you expected?  What latest book threw you an ending of total surprise?   In the past few months or years, is there anything you’ve gained a new angle or perspective on something you once thought completely understood?
  2. Read Mark 1:4-13.  Why is Mark writing about baptism right out of the shoot?  What have you understood about baptism?  Can you list or recall other scriptures that deal pointedly with the idea of baptism?    How do you think the church has succeeded or failed when teaching or practicing baptism?
  3. Read I Peter 3: 18-22.   How do you deal with this dandy verse?  How is baptism like Noah and the ark?
  4. Read Mark 1:4-8.  What can we apply to our lives from the baptism of John the Baptist?  How did he perform baptism that was different than traditional Jewish folks practiced?  How is the dessert significant here.
  5. Read Mark 1:9-13.  What is significant about the “at once” of verse 12?  What do we learn from Jesus’ baptism?  What action has been attached to your baptism?  How have you been sent?
  6. How has this study affected you?  In what ways have you trivialized baptism in the past?   What decisions have you made?  What needs to be shared with your community group in order to hold you accountable to those decisions?  What ideas within this study or text points your towards restoration?   Write a prayer to God about what He’s revealed to you through His Spirit.
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