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Sherry, the kids, and I have been at a Church camp in southeastern Ohio.  The kids have been leading and rockin’ worship, Sherry has led a team of girls, and I’ve had the awesome privilege of teaching eighty 4th and 5th graders (with some 40 additional faculty).

What an unbelievable week we’ve had.  Our theme has been the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).  Creatively, I’ve taught that the Kingdom has come and is coming.  I’ve tried to engage the kids with a LARGE gospel of creation, fall, redemption, AND restoration.  I think they’re getting it!

It’s been hot up here.  The mercury hit 104 degrees yesterday.  There was a “burn” warning in this part of woodsy Ohio.  All of the campers get really, really thirsty.

It’s been interesting to watch 80 kid’s insatiable, undeniable thirst being quenched by gallons, and gallons of juice, tea, and water.  At times it seems like all these campers do is drink… and drink… and drink.  The number of red Kool-Aid mustaches often gets comical.

Every night as we lined up for Vespers, the kids got thirsty again.  Vespers is our campfire teaching time where we sing and I get to do my thing.  There was a spiritual thirst as we encountered God every night at Vespers.  We’re wrapping up camp today, but as of yesterday, 17 kids decided to give their lives to Christ!  They had a drink of Living Water, and it quenches like no amount of Gatorade can.  The stories of what makes many of these kids thirsty are crazy.  Only Jesus could quench their hurt, questions, and thirst.

How thirsty are you?  I’ve heard it’s been hot in Atlanta as well.  What has quenched your thirst as you begin your trek through the dog days of another Hotlanta summer?  How would you gauge your spiritual thirst?

When’s the last time you drank deeply from a cup of Living Water?  Is this bending of the elbow only for young campers?  Is Living Water only for initial salvation, and then you’re on your own?  What keeps people from drinking the kind of water Jesus said, “but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst?”  What story are you living out that causes a dry, parched, thirst in your soul?  Your hurt and questions can be quenched just like the kids in southern Ohio.

On Sunday, we’ll be diving back into the way cool story of Elijah.  Take an advance look at I Kings 18:1-16.  Let’s unpack this together.  Don’t let the little campers be the only ones satisfying their thirst during these hot summer months!

Blessings Ya’ll,


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