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A PARKING NOTE FROM ALAN:  If you are a regular Cumberland attendee, would you consider parking on the grass when you come for Sunday gatherings?  You can park your car to the left or right… just before our Kenyan hut.  There are widened asphalt ramps clearly marked.

During the 10:30 gathering last week, our parking lot was jammed full.  We saw people drive in and leave because there simply was no room.

If you park your car to the sides of the church, please park all the way to the back, and leave open spaces up front for our guests.

Thanks for your understanding hearts, ya’ll.

And now here’s a brief note from our Student Ministries Pastor, Mike Thurman.  Mike will be sharing his heart and passion this coming Sunday.

Do you know the song “Like a Lion” by Daniel Bashta?  The chorus goes:

My God is not dead

He’s surely alive

He’s living on the inside

Roaring like a lion

 Have you ever heard an actual lion roar?  I’m not talking about in a movie or on a recording, but live and in person.  The roar of a lion is distinctive; it cannot be confused with anything else.  It is a dominant voice. 

 What are the voices in your life?  Does God roar from inside like a lion? 

 Soren Kiekeggard suggests, “Sin is building your identity on anything but God.”

 Come ready to look at the voices within your life, as we jump into Mark 6:14-29.

 See you Sunday,


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