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Brooklynn starts back to college this morning and turns, unbelievably, 21 in just a few short weeks.  Lauren, my 18-year-old, goes away to Point University on Monday.  Ugh.  The transitions we’re experiencing in the Scott house are tough.  Having one less at our dinner table will be a bitter/sweet dish I’d just as soon pass.  For my two oldest girls, I cross my fingers, say a prayer, and hope we did some things right.

But wait… I’ve got two more offspring still coming up through the ranks.  In fact, my youngest 10-year-old gives me a whole new lease on parenting life.  I’m determined not to screw him up!  I see other young boys suited up for another season of Fall little league, and wonder if that’s what Michael needs.  I hear of another young boy moving up in the ranks of USTA tennis, and believe I’m failing Michael by not getting him lessons and a better racket.  A Nike basketball instructor recently told me how NBA scouts are now peering into the elementary age groups for future stars.  I’m suddenly guilt-ridden into checking out portable hoops on Ebay.   It seems the blur of hyper parenting is the only way to ensure Michael becomes a well-rounded young man — if not Adidas sponsored.

Is that really what I want?  Does any of this interest Michael?  Where on my dad radar do I see Michael blossoming into a Christ-centered world changing disciple?

Sherry and I have studied Michael.  He does like to play tennis.  He enjoys the game of baseball.  His love and natural, God-given passion is music and his guitar.  When he plays, the six strings become an amazing extension of his hands.  Michael is a gentle and caring friend to peers around him.  He’s got a great flare for humor.  It’s all how Michael is wired.

Training up Michael in the way he should go (Prov. 22:6) is all about studying his bends and wiring.  It’s helping him find God in the natural ways God has created him.  Music, laughter, and good friends seem to be great tools to naturally help Michael become that unleashed, world-impacting servant of Jesus.

For me then, it’s a choice of creating a well-rounded kid of planet earth or an image bearer of Jesus.  I know my choice, but I also know I need help.  That’s where CCC comes in for Sherry and me.   This great church has afforded Michael a 7:1 adult ratio to realize the goal of discipleship in his life.  We need help, and we get it!

The reality is that our two oldest are beginning to leave the nest, but NOT with real reservations because, over the years and here at CCC, they too have had the privilege of being centered in 7:1 ratios with Godly men and women.  They seem to have faith that is sticking.  This is actually making much of our current life transitions better than my emotions care to admit or allow.

Where do your kids fit into all of this?  What is your place as a parent or adult at CCC?  What happens to a church that neglects raising up Jesus-centric world changers?  What happens to the Kingdom?  Can we talk about this on Sunday?  We’ll dive practically and head first into a very challenging passage found in Deuteronomy 6.   I hope you’ll come at 8:30 or 10:30 for more sticky faith.




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