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The story is told of an aspiring young missionary who was invited to spend an entire day shadowing Mother Teresa. With each passing hour, the young intern was bobbing and weaving to catch a moment and actually talk with the holy whirlwind of Calcutta. No such time was captured. Mother Teresa was getting ready to fly off to her next city. The young intern quickly told Mother Teresa he would buy a plane ticket and go with her if they could talk on the plane ride. He was sure one conversation would give him wisdom worth the price of the ticket. “I have the money for the plane ticket!” cried the young missionary. Mother Teresa quipped, “Well, if you have enough money for a plane ticket, give that money to the poor. You’ll learn more through giving than you’ll ever learn talking to me.”

On Sunday, we’ll finish up the fourth and final week of our “iGive” series. What have you learned? Have you begun to give (time, talent, treasure) to learn even more?

What do these series-long principles now mean to you?
1. God is the owner.
2. People = treasure (G2 → G2 → G). Those in community give easily.
3. The Gospel is our motivator.
4. Practical command: Do a lot of impacting things with great liberality to real
5. Amazed by grace and infused into the Kingdom destroys our idols and helps us
to give.

Our text for this Labor Day weekend will be II Corinthians 8:1-12. You won’t believe the freaks that are the Macedonians. Crazy people. As we gather at 9 & 11 a.m., we’re gonna congratulate each other for finishing the “iGive” series strong. We’re going to ask a few more questions like: “Why do poor people usually give better than the rich?

We’re also going to commit to being radically generous givers exactly because of Jesus and the rich identities we wear as adopted sons and daughters. You in? Could the Gospel soar out of Cumberland exactly because Jesus’ people decide to give themselves first to HIM, and then give to others?

Did I mention we’ll also celebrate? Oh yeah… come ready to throw a little Kingdom party. Dancing shoes would be appropriate. Battery operated hats optional.

I continue to be amazed at what God is doing through this “iGive” series. Please feel good about inviting a friend or two. They’ll hear the amazingly good news of Jesus unfocused on their wallet.

AND… one more thing. Since it’s a holiday weekend, and you have a little time to breathe, why not considering breathing in some Jesus and breathing out yourself.

Our Night Of Worship is this Sunday night at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. We’ll have a full, rockin’ band. Child care is provided. It’s an hour of breathless worship perfect for a labor-less holiday. Hope to see you there also. Here’s a little video to intrigue and prompt you more: CLICK HERE.



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