a glimpse towards Sunday 4.17.2015

Have you ever heard the Publix checkout lady tell you, “You saved $6.85 cents today?” Or… has the person behind the register at Barnes & Noble ever told you, “If you had our rewards card, you would have saved nine THOUSAND dollars?”

What about this… It’s almost time to crank up the air conditioners in our huts. Don’t you just loathe hitting the on button only to have lukewarm air blow? After a four hundred dollar repair bill, you finally get back to your chillin’. Did the bad news of the repair make the cold air even better? Did knowing the amount you saved or didn’t save at the cash register, make what you bought better… or worse?

Often times, if not all the time, knowing the bad news enables you to appreciate the good. If you didn’t know the potential bad news of cancer, you might not appreciate the doctor’s good news of your lump being a mere calcium deposit that will soon dissapate.


On Sunday, we’re taking a look at the long, well-tatted arm of the law. Paul, in the New Testament book of Galatians, has been lambasting strict law keepers for adding ANYTHING to the gospel of Jesus. No amount of law keeping helps the good news of Jesus. Paul continues to pound the spiritual equation of: Jesus + anything = nothing & Jesus + nothing = everything.

We’re halfway through the book of Galatians, and one might think the law as being something evil and bad. On the contrary, and we have to be very careful with this line of thinking. The law underlines the bad news and helps us appreciate the good news. There is great good to the law, and on Sunday we’ll be diving deeper into this whole concept. Our text is Galatians 3:19-22.

Is it possible our culture views things like forgiveness and sin as blase’ because laws of right and wrong are so incredibly relative and tenuous? If this is true and many are unaware of the bad news, then has the good news of Jesus become boring as well? Hmmm…

How does this all work itself out in your life, family, marriage, and work? How does the necessity and beauty of the law become applied within our church?

It’s gonna be a great morning at CCC this Sunday. If you miss this one, you’ll really be upset and have a horrible week. Now with THAT bad news, doesn’t the good news of our 9 & 11 a.m. gatherings make you want to come all the more? See how this works?

I look forward to seeing you and lifting up Jesus with you. Bring a friend or two. Jesus is going to do some cool things. I confident of this.

AND… IF YOU ARE NEW TO CUMBERLAND and have never been to one of our Newcomer’s Lunches — we’re having one this Sunday right after the 11 a.m. service. Please CLICK HERE to register. We’d love to have you join us!!

Blessings Ya’ll,


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