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Spring break is coming just in time for my son, Michael. He’s weary. He could slide by with B’s and C’s, but he’s been working hard for straight A’s. He’s not sure why this comes so easy for his sisters, while his struggle remains paramount.

He has two tests today before the final bell signals the official beginning of Spring break. Michael went in early this morning for some science tutoring before his exam. He’s really trying, but he’s really weary.

So… at 3 p.m., Sherry and I are picking him up early and taking Michael and a couple friends to the Atlanta International car show. This will be payoff for his hard work. He’s been fixated on this payoff for months.

Michael wants to see Maseratis, Lamborghinis, GTRs, Corvettes, and concept cars galore. He’s hoping I’ll get to test drive one of these babies while a pair of wide, 12-year-old eyes soaks it all in from the back seat. Michael, as many young boys are, is a car freak. He’s obsessed. It’s all he thinks about. It’s getting a bit out of hand. He’s established an Instagram car account that’s now in the top 100 Instagram car accounts. Whaaaat the what?

I’m thinking we’ll see some beautiful machines today. I’m sure they’re fast, and maybe a bit furious. My plan is to make sure Michael realizes how the design and mechanics of automobiles work best within the confines of disciplines such as speed limits, laws, and safety measures. Going outside of such ideas becomes quite dangerous, if not deadly.

Did you know we’re talking about sex this Sunday? If so, you may understand where I’m going with all of this. God has a beautiful (if not crazy) design of sex, which works best within the disciplines, guidelines, and laws of marriage. Outside of this, and things become quite dangerous, if not deadly.

“WELL OF COURSE THE PASTOR WOULD SAY THAT! THAT’S WHAT I EXPECT FROM THE PASTOR. HE’S SO OUT OF TOUCH.” Did you actually just say that, or am I just hearing this in my head? Weird.

I hope you’ll come Sunday. I’m excited to teach and close out our marriage series. You should bring a friend to this one! I believe we’ll have a good conversation about a topic needing to be talked about at church. So many are really trying and growing really weary when it comes to the sex thing. Maybe a whole new definition is in order. The current, old one doesn’t seem to be working well.

But… God has designed a beautiful, sleek, piece of work. Driven His way, it works really well! Vrrrrooooom! ☺

See you Sunday.


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