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My fifteen-year-old, red-headed beauty is starting to drive. She’s a good driver. On a drive to school one morning, Morgan told me she was getting nervous about driving. Of course, I told her she didn’t have to drive until she was thirty-five!

My third born is smart and cautious as she drives. She checks and double checks her rearview mirror. She drives safely under the speed limit. Hands are precisely on ten and two. I’m grateful she’s putting much thought into her driving. She’s attaching proper significance to this privilege. I would be doing the freakin’ out dad dance if she approached the steering wheel with a treacherous abandonment. Drivers who lose this initial edge become apathetic. Apathy leads to texting while driving, letting the automotive guard down, and approaching the whole driving thing incredibly treacherously.

This Sunday is a very special F.I.A. (Faith In Action) Sunday. We won’t be meeting at our building to GO to church. We will, instead, BE the Church by doing a huge makeover of Brumby Elementary School. You can get a few more details by clicking here. I hope you have registered to serve. If not, you can still show up on Sunday morning and register.


I remember several years back when we did our very first F.I.A. Sunday at Argyle Elementary School. I taught for four weeks beforehand. We were nervous, prayerful, excited, energetic, cautious, and attaching proper significance to this incredible privilege of serving.

Now, several years later, we’ve done some 20 F.I.A. Sundays. My prayer this week has been this: “Lord, don’t let apathy set in within our body. May apathy not lead to serving without praying, letting the spiritual guard down, or approaching this whole F.I.A. thing incredibly treacherously.”

Going outside our walls with F.I.A. Sundays is how God put the “community” back into Cumberland Community Church. These special Sundays attached us to our hurting community, brought us incredible, glorious, and messy diversity, and sparked revival in a dying church.

Please join my family in a full embrace of this weekend’s awesome F.I.A. Sunday at Brumby Elementary. Smyrna First Baptist and Vinings United Methodist churches will be joining us. This is a great Sunday to serve together. This is one of THE best Sundays to bring a friend. Would you also join Sherry and me in giving on line this weekend? Click here to see how. Our giving was a bit low last Sunday… going into this F.I.A. Wouldn’t it be cool to see CCC meet budget ON AN F.I.A. SUNDAY?!

I’m excited. It will be good to see each other as we serve our community. YOU are a part of the Bride of Christ. May She shine ever so brightly this weekend! See you there…



BTW… concerning childcare at our F.I.A. We will have childcare at CCC for kids 0-2 ONLY. Thanks!

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