a glimpse towards Sunday 3.18.16

Do you know who Caryn Johnson is? What about Eldrick Tont Woods? If those legal birth certificate titles don’t ring a bell, wait for it. I’ll tell you at the end of this email.

With the right, recognizable name, we attach great value. Cases in point: Tommy Hilfiger. Ralph Lauren. Sofia Vergara. Levi Strauss. Michael Jordan. Martha Stewart.

A savvy marketing campaign combined with name recognition equals higher price tags and greater profits. It really is amazing.

A carpet friend tells me he can get me the same carpet sold at the major, big-box stores for nearly 50% off. Apparently without a certain name like Mohawk, the exact same carpet loses it’s mark up power. Amazing.

The other day I was buying some fish oil to keep my heart well oiled. The sales lady explained how their generic, store brand fish oil was made by the same company as the fish oil with a better-marketed name and higher price tag. The exact same fish oil had a lower price without the highly touted name. Amazing.

What name is attached to your marriage? Dr. Phil? Judge Lynn (of Divorce Court fame)? Maybe the obvious name attached to your marriage is simply what’s on the marriage license. Is that good enough? Does this up the value?

What if the name of Jesus was attached? Would the value of your marriage go up? What would it even mean to attach the name of Jesus to your marriage?

This Sunday is the final installment of our seven-week “Jack & Jill” marriage series. We’ll be asking these two questions: What if marriage was for God’s glory? & What if mission was the goal? Imagining these kinds of ideas would be the beginnings of attaching Jesus’ name to our marriages. Now THAT would increase the value like a 1969 baseball card with the name Mickey Mantle on it.

We’ve been in a great season of learning, stretching, and challenging our relationships and marriages. Let’s finish this strong. Again… there will be solid stuff to chew on for even the single, divorced, and widowed. The Gospel will be preached, and will affect all.

1. We are about one week away from Easter. Would you pray about and then invite someone who doesn’t know Jesus to our Easter services? We’ve got such a special, powerful Easter morning planned to infiltrate disconnected hearts. I’ve published a special, 40-page, searching booklet called “Welcome To The Hotel California,” and we’ll give them away to all who attend on Easter.
2. I believe our FIA last week was one of our best. Leadership and energy levels were at a renewed high. It was fabulous. What’s your opinion? Would you let us know by CLICKING HERE and filling out an FIA Feeback Survey?

OK… so have you figured out Caryn Johnson and Eldrick Tont Woods WITHOUT GOOGLE? Those names don’t sound like they could sell a stick of gum. Is there any value to those blasé names? Well… Caryn is Whoopi Goldberg and Eldrick is Tiger Woods? NOW what’s the value of these names in the sight of many worldly eyes?


What will be the value of your marriage in the sight of God? It depends on what name is attached.

See you on Sunday!


Weekly Giving | 3.13.16

$24,177.31 (FIA)

Weekly Need $39,700.00


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