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I love coffee.  I love coffee beans, coffee ice-cream, mocha shakes, dark roasted, hazelnut, cappuccinos, Starbucks, Land Of A Thousand Hills, Folgers, chocolate covered coffee beans, mugs, travel mugs, lattes, decaf, half-caf, tall, grande, venti — anything coffee.  I wasn’t always a coffee lover, but about 10 years ago the light went on.  Bam!   Now I carry a Starbucks gold card.  Pitiful.

I love my early morning coffee.  I call it my holy brew.  Sometimes I wonder if coffee should get an asterisk inclusion with any mention of the Trinity.  I seem to hear God better with coffee.

I’m told that every so often, it’s judicious to give your body a break from the jitters caused by the jovial java given by our Creator, Jesus.   Supposedly this is a healthy thing to do.  Sometimes I just hate blogs.

So… I gave up coffee for Lent.  Forty ding dang days with no holy brew.  I’m drinking white tea instead.  Another blogger espoused the benefits of such.   With it’s antioxidants and flavonoids, white tea is good for the body.  I don’t this it’s as holy.

I actually Googled the origins of Lent.  Perhaps I was looking for a loophole to release me of this prior commitment.  Like a rebellious sinner searching the Greek for an “out” from scriptural mandates, I had hoped to return to my beloved morning blend before these 40 days crush me.  Nothing doing.  Apparently white tea will escort me to Easter because Lent is simply and profoundly a thing of preparation.  Cheers.

This Sunday, we’ll be looking at the wife’s side of mutual submission.  For three weeks I’ve pounded the men.  Now it’s the ladies turn to be equally offended.

The command is to submit to and respect a husband.  Is there any “out” with this stuff?  Surely a blogger or Greek study would say otherwise.  Wives, what do you do if your husband just isn’t on the same page as you?

On Sunday, we’ll take a revealing look at Ephesians 5:22-24 as we hit the fourth week of our five-week marriage series called “Ephesians 5 Marriages.”  On Sunday morning, will you give up your sleep and bed (especially with the rain) to be challenged with a Biblical marriage where glory is the outcome?  Ladies, giving up your presuppositions and pride may not be a thing of Lent, but it might be profound preparation for a stronger marriage.  Hope to see you ALL on Sunday.  (BTW… guys, you really don’t want to miss THIS one!)

Well… for now it’s back to my white tea.  Next year I think I’ll give up reading blogs for Lent.

See you on Sunday…  9 & 11 a.m.  I’m excited to gather with you and teach.




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