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This week I’ve had the privilege of being in New York City with CCC’s Outside The Walls Pastor, Rob Irvine.  We’ve participated in a 10-city covenant conference attached to the New York City birthed Movement Day.  BTW, Rob did a brief presentation about what God is up to at Cumberland.  He spoke with great passion.  He was one of the few presenters to receive lively applause when he concluded.  I was very excited and proud of how God is using my friend, Rob.


This has been quite the week.

Along with seeing subway bongo players, cowboys playing their guitars in nothing but boots and Fruit Of The Loom, and living, 9 feet tall Statue of Liberties signing autographs… I’ve taken in much for the heart through tremendous Kingdom movement stories from Phoenix, New York, and Atlanta.  God has also enabled me to meet some servant heroes leading it all.

I’ve been drinking from a gospel fire hose with great anticipation all week.  Guess what this now means for you?  Come Sunday, bring your best fire hose coffee mug to drink as well.

We are flying out this morning from LaGuardia, and I’m ready to see my kids and sweet wife.  I’m also very ready to teach and gather with you come Sunday.

We’ll be looking at three powerful verses from Mark 12:35-37.  Jesus is clarifying who He is in this poignant text.  Jesus is making His awesome identity fully known to people who were always looking for their own kind of Rescuer and Deliverer.

Your identity will be attached (or not) to how you identify Jesus.  Your Kingdom serving stories will stem from the kind of Rescuer or Deliverer you are looking for.  People around you are hurting.  There’s such a deep level of brokenness.  New York City has reminded me of this in a stark, dark way.  There really is a lot at stake with how you define Jesus.   How much that very definition shapes your life will determine how much of an impact you’ll have on lost people.

Why DO people go “all in” with Jesus?  Why are there Kingdom servants rising up as modern day heroes?   What is driving Cumberland to give Herself away?  What is motivating YOU these days?  The kind of Jesus… the kind of Rescuer and Deliverer you are looking for and identifying with is key.

Let’s gather on Sunday.  It’s going to be a great time for the body at CCC to come together… 9 & 11 a.m.  Don’t worry, fire hose drinking is a lot of fun.  Sipping from straws is sooo, uh, limiting!  You can’t sleep when the fire hose is pointed your way!

See you on Sunday.  (you should invite a friend…)



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