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My daughter, Morgan, is gearing up for middle school to wind down.  For the past three years she has flourished at her middle school.  I’ve had a wonderful front row seat to see a metamorphosis from a skinny, awkward, funny sixth grader to a beautiful, confident, rising freshman in high school.This past week, Morgan played her final eighth grade orchestra concert.  Her teacher (conductor) literally passed the baton of my daughter’s heart to the high school teacher in a very special musical ceremony.  You can watch this very cool transition on Youtube by clicking here.  (and that IS a shameless kid plug from an extremely proud and grateful dad)  Morgan sat next to a graduating, first-chair violinist senior as all the rising eighth graders joined the high school orchestra for the transitioning orchestral piece.  It made me wonder what Morgan would become in four more years.

Later that night… after the concert… I lay in bed reminiscing with Sherry.  I bemoaned, “If I was this emotional tonight, I’m going to be a basket case when she graduates high school!”   What a stunning transition I’ve seen in my third-born, red headed monster J daughter.  She’s gone from “this” to “that.”  Morgan was a mere young kid in the 6th grade.  Now she’s a gorgeous young woman ready for high school.

I wonder if God’s ever done with us going from this to that?  Transition.  Change.  Transformation.  Regeneration.

What a wondering bunch of desert dwelling ragamuffins the Israelites were before entering the Promised Land.  And then God took them from this to that.

Has God done a miraculous this to that in your life?  Would you like Him to?

On Sunday, as a special Mother’s Day presentation, we’re honored to have Tracy Hurst with us to challenge both men and women with their this to that.  Tracy is a professional counselor, author, and big dawg conference speaker.  She’s also a belonger (along with her hubby Mike and daughter Allysa) at CCC.  It’s going to be a Sunday morning you won’t want to miss.  I’ll look forward to seeing you on Sunday!



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