a glimpse towards Sunday 1.24.14


I got my first letter from a friend doing hard time in a Colorado prison. There are three
pages (front and back) of sloppy handwriting expressing doubt, difficulty, and demeaning
circumstances. My friend’s surroundings are driving him deep into scripture. He’s praying
like never before. His insights on blue-lined paper with messy, wet ink are intriguing.


My friend’s dilemma scares me. The thought of prison cuts to my core. Cold steel bars
change your name into a number. Shame of conversations between glass emphasize the
hard reality. The one-inch barrier forges deep wounds of humiliation never before felt.
Hope and help are commodities often contingent on those outside folks who remember.
Time is an elusive prankster moving slowly inside the forced confines yet wildly fast in the
outside world. Pain is both sharp and dull as a deliberate black “x” is marked on a calendar
just before lights out.

I can’t imagine.

I can’t imagine what Jesus endured on the cross. His identity was mocked, but allows us to
find our new one. His shame and humiliation takes the place of ours. The barrier between
Jesus and the Father takes on our Hell of separation caused by sin. The pain is sharp, and
I cannot be dulled to forget it was endured for you and me. Mark a big black “x” on the
day Jesus died. It was significant. It had depth of meaning we must explore. We will this

We are just weeks away from our grand finale in the book of Mark. As we gather Sunday,
we’ll be considering the death of Jesus. Cosmic, miraculous things happened as Jesus
breathed His last. Supernatural darkness, a poignant earthquake, and a curtain ripped by
the very hand of God — all accompanied Jesus’ death. Why? What did they mean? God
never wastes a miracle.

On Sunday, we’re gathering to apply Mark 15:33-41. I encourage you to come. You should
bring a friend. This is the foundational stuff of our faith. We are forever changed when God
opens our eyes to the truth of Jesus’ death.

Imagine that.

How will the good news of Jesus’ death (ironic, isn’t it?) impact you? How will the good
news affect your 100,000 hours? Whaaa? Let’s talk on Sunday… 9 & 11 a.m.



AND… Please leave time in your Sunday schedule to tour “The Collective At Cumberland.”
We’re having an open house for our upstairs restoration ministries. Vision tours will be
given after each service. Additionally, if you’d like to help right away, you can bring the
following to The Collective: Toilet paper, Deodorant, Feminine Products, $20 RaceTrac
or QuickTrip gift cards for gasoline, $5 Burger King, Subway or McDonald’s gift cards.

Weekly Giving | 1/19/14


Weekly Need $29,000.00

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