6 Markers God Is Fighting Your Battles

My wife is a professional sleeper.  She’s really good at sleeping. She loves her sleep.  There are not many things that can deter Sherry’s drive for good sleep—except maybe my snoring.

I’ve never snored until just this year.  When Sherry would mention my sleep-robbing habits, I would deny, deny, deny.  But Sherry doesn’t lie when it comes to sleep.

I downloaded a sleep app to help the situation.  It records snoring. Do you recall how horrible it is to listen to yourself talk on a recording?  Snoring is worse. I’ve been caught red-handed and wide-mouthed by my own app.

I’ve been working on my sleep.  I’ve employed a couple nifty techniques to all-but-eliminate my snoring, and get my sleep percentages up into the 80-90% range.  The key is the amount of time in bed. The key is getting into bed early. Most sleep experts suggest a minimum of eight hours, and it goes up from there depending on your body type and restorative needs.

I have a friend who goes to bed at 8 every night.  He’s sharp, witty, and very creative. Herb foregoes the nightlife for more significant and more impactful days by getting more sleep.  Which begs the question: Does sleep flow from life, or does life flow from sleep?

On Sunday, we’ll be taking the same thinking and digging deeper by asking this question:  Does worship flow from life or life from worship? Does work flow out of worship, or does worship flow out of our work?  It’s all a part of Joshua chapter 6 where GOD fights the battle of Jericho. There is a way to do life with God fighting our battles instead of us carrying the load.  How do you know if God is fighting? Here are 6 markers:

  1.    There’s a fair amount of silence.
  2.    Waiting is necessary.
  3.    Trust is being developed.
  4.    Control-freak tendencies are eliminated.
  5.    You’re doing things others think are foolish.
  6.    God is central.

On Sunday, we’re gathering at 9 & 11 a.m. to wash with the water of the Word.  We get so dirty and discouraged fighting our own battles. We need a good bath in Joshua chapter 6.  Invite a friend. I’d bet there battle weary too.

God continues to give MVMNT in our lives and church.  See you on Sunday.


p.s. – A couple additional notes:  This Sunday is Second Sunday Prayer at 8 a.m. in the auditorium.  With our City Council vote coming up on the 16th of July, I hope you’ll gather for a corporate time of prayer.

Additionally, our time in the Word this Sunday will start early in the service.  Don’t be late!!

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