The View From Up Here

Because of Cobb County Schools’ Fall break this week, I was able to get away for a few days with the fam. We’ve been privileged to stay high atop a gorgeous mountain in Mineral Bluff, Ga. The air has been cooler here. The early morning coffee is richer. The morning conversations with the kids in the hot tub have been spectacular and funny.

My connection to God at this altitude is good too. My journal entries are memorable. There’s a part of me leaning towards Peter as I want to erect a tabernacle for Jesus to stay and keep him and me here indefinitely.

And while mini-breaks in the mountains are so very good, I’m not sure my life is meant to be lived up here. My laptop news feed keeps me informed of battles in the valleys. One of our favorite American football pastimes has turned into a national anthem debacle with many at war. We’re not sure if Alejandro Villanueva is a hero or not. Hugh Hefner is being remembered as a revolutionary, equal-rights icon. These unfortunate comparisons are forcing me down from this inspiring mountain.

Trump tweets, political beats, nuclear defeat, and sports athletes are just a few of the things pushing us towards finding acceptance and approval from our many peeps. Our desires for security and significance are strong. Our identities are easily shaped by much and yet so rarely by the only One who can give us our true identity.

And so, while on the mountain, where my view and identity with God are good, I’m also working on a message for Sunday. This message is for life in the valley where our identities can get shaped and raped by just about anything but God. Finding our identity in anything other than the large cross of Jesus pushes us to pretend, perform, and settle for an identity that will not last. Without a lasting identity, we’re prone to behave more like orphans than adopted sons and daughters of the Most High God.

This Sunday is our third installment of our “Gospel-Centered Life” series. I’m excited to see you and to teach on Sunday. Bring a friend. Who knows what God will do as you and your guest are exposed to the power of God that is the Gospel!

Blessings, Y’all–

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