What Do You Do In Your Desert?

My Jonah Scale Number from last Sunday was 7.1.

If you remember, we took a brief test to end our service last week. We considered the current condition of our heart in relation to: peace, control, focus, contentment, relationships, and time. A “1” rating meant that your heart was in a desert. A “10” rating meant that you heart was in a good place. The test is posted on CCC’s Facebook page.

A 7.1, it would seem, was a decent score. Right?

Feeling like you’re in a good place can be just as dangerous as feeling down and in a desert. If you believe you’re in a good place, with only an awareness of self, your Jonah Scale number may fall.

In Proverbs 30:8, Solomon gives ink to the practical wisdom of being neither rich (forgetting God) nor poor (cursing God). An ascending Jonah Scale Number can lead to a life of speed without slowing your soul. Perhaps being stuck on the lower end causes you to shake your fist at our Creator. Maybe a solid “5” keeps us in a healthy mode of soul examination.

speed of lifeWhat was your Jonah Scale Number? Bring it with you this Sunday.
We’re gonna actually DO what Jonah did in his desert. There are 10 steps. Take a look at Jonah 1:17-2:10. This is practical and powerful stuff for people on either end of the Jonah Scale.

I did all ten steps this morning. My speed, soul, and number required it.

It’s a holiday weekend focused on the blessings of labor. Why do we tend to labor more with our to-do lists on this holiday? What good is a holiday if we actually do more work? On Sunday, we’re going to force ourselves to slow down. Take a breather and come. Mark Sunday as a sabbatical and make your way, slowly, to CCC. Bring a friend whose speed of life and soul may be disconnected. I’m excited to teach and lead us all through Jonah’s desert steps. The good news of the Gospel is there as well!



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