Alex Thompson, our Counseling Director, just popped into my office. She’s back from adoption leave. She and her husband, Ben, have a new baby, James. I saw several pictures and two videos of the very blessed little James.

Amazingly, the cozy-cuddly James resembles his parents. In fact, the adoption agency remarked how much James looks like Alex and Ben.

In adoption after adoption, I’ve seen these same God-ordained resemblances. They are definitive God-things. It’s so very cool.

What about your kids? What are your kids like? Do they look like you, act like you, and smell like you?

In the original “Back To The Future” movie, Doc comes flying back in his steaming Delorian after returning from the future. Doc begins to refuel his Mr. Fusion with garbage and screams, “It’s your kids, Marty. Something’s got to be done with your kids!” Remember that classic line (and GREAT movie)?

My son, Michael, is 17. When he’s flying out the front door to another excursion, I stop him with: “Michael… remember you’re a Scott!” He shuffles off with a muttered, “I will, Dad… I will.” I return to my big chair with a parental sigh.

What do God’s kids look like? How do they behave? What’s their motivation? Do you resemble your Father and remember you’re His?

On Sunday, we’ll continue in our “Imperfect Love Perfected” series. Our text is I John 2:28-3:10. It’s all about what God’s kids look like. Each one of us will have a great, silent opportunity to look into the mirror of God’s Word to see if we look like our Dad or not.

Hope to see you on Sunday. Thanks for letting me teach again. I’m pumped.

The Creative Arts team has put together another powerful service with music, liturgy, spoken word, and space to breath.


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